Last night we had our monthly meeting of the Philly Office Geeks User Group and I think it was another successful meeting.  Dave Mann, who runs the group, was on a much deserved vacation so I filled in for him and moderated the meeting as well as gave the presentation.  Also the company I work for Perficient, sponsored the meeting.  Many thanks to them for supplying the food and beverages!


I've noticed that SharePoint Search is one of those topics that is overly hyped/talked about, but not many people understand it.  I have been in the fortunate position to get down to some of the nitty gritty with SharePoint Search and wanted to pass along that knowledge to everyone and help them understand it as well.  My presentation went over the basic concepts of search (content sources, scopes, etc.) and also dived head first into using the SharePoint Search engine in your webparts/apps by using the web services and the API.


This was my first "draft" of this presentation so everyone got a trial run of it.  I noticed a few area's that I could have elaborated on more or explained a bit better, namely content sources and scopes.  I plan on refining this presentation and presenting it again at the next Philly.Net Code Camp 2008.3 which is coming up in October.


Thanks to everyone that attended and I hope you understand SharePoint search a bit better now and how you can leverage it in your applications/webparts.


Code and Slides :

...also up on Philly Office Geeks Site

I'll be speaking tonight on the windows SharePoint API at the Philly Office Geeks April meeting.  I was supposed to speak back in February but due to weather the meeting got canceled.

I believe that I am to present at 7PM, before that though there is free PIZZA!!!! and also another presentation. 


All the slides and code samples can be found in my presentations section of my blog, download the presentation "The SharePoint front-end is for wimps, real men use the SharePoint API's".


Hopefully there is a good turnout.

Unfortunately due to weather, the Philly Office Geeks meeting was cancelled so I was never able to present about the SharePoint API's.  I was also pretty bummed because I got some pretty funny/geeky T-Shirts made up that I was going to give away after the speech.

On the plus side for you, is that I've placed my presentation slides and code samples up on this site.  The samples consist of a WinForms application that has roughly 12 examples how just SOME of the things that you can do with the SharePoint API.  I think that the samples do a good job of showing you some of the basic concepts around developing against the SharePoint API, as well as get show just how powerful and useful programming against the API's can be.  I frankly could have made up at least another 12 code samples (which I hope to finish and put up in the Code Samples section of this blog).  One of the samples I'd really like to build out is the backup sample.

I believe that the meeting will either be rescheduled, or else I'll present at another one of the monthly meetings, so all my work of preparing for the presentation won't be in vein. (1.15 mb)

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